Dusting Things Off

For about a year I have sadly let this site languish. In that time I have retired, returned to work part time, dealt with multiple horse injuries, struggled with one horse’s rebellion (Noble, of course) – and generally just not found the motivation or time to write anything. More recently things have leveled off and I find more motivation to write.

I have been evaluating what to do with the material I am inspired to write. There are two paths I tend to find myself wandering down – one being the educational material and reviews, the other being tales of my little herd and our progress and challenges. Although my original blog, horsecrazyagain.com, has been blocked by Facebook (caught up in the COVID algorithm madness of May 2020, and I don’t have the importance of a New York Times to get it corrected), it continues to get low but steady traffic. Since its original purpose was to relate my own journey, I have decided to resurrect it for that purpose once again. I will not be able to share those posts on Facebook, but hopefully those interested will subscribe to that blog to get notifications.

That leaves this blog for its intended purpose – to help educate people who love their horses and honestly want to do better by them. Although my own focus is mainly classical Dressage, and I will continue including that material, my purpose here is more general understanding of horses. My target audience, as always, are those people who are average riders who want a better relationship with their horses. Focus will be on learning to recognize when things are good or bad, but topics such as equitation will also be covered. There is no greater favor you can do your riding horse than becoming an easier burden to them. Developing partnerships is always my personal goal, and my goal when teaching.

I will also return to writing book reviews when I find books worth sharing. Not all books are for all riders, so my hope is the reviews will help you decide where best to invest your time and money. My existing reviews have focused on classical training works, but I have some queued up that expand into other areas of the relationship and care of our equine companions.

I am grateful to all who have followed this blog and the occasional readers who still come across my posts. I look forward to sharing more information and having more conversations with you.

Happy riding!

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  1. Tell us more about Noble! I have his sister… Same father… Hey Donnerhall mother… Full of herself with a magnificent personality!


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