Worthy Web

For those looking for good resources around the web, here is a list of some that I’ve found helpful. If you know of any good web resources about behavior, training, Dressage, or just generally about horses, please share them in the comments below.

I will start with my former blog – HorseCrazyAgain.com. It is a compilation of personal stories about my own journey, views on the current state of horsemanship, and thoughts on training horses. I will, over time, pull my favorite posts from that site and republish here.

Correct Classical Dressage – started by a Facebook friend who inherited a rich archive of historical materials that she is sharing through this site and the publication of some unpublished works by her mentor Einar Schmit-Jensen. A treasure for anyone into Classical Dressage.

Epona.tv – started by two former equestrian journalists who were dissatisfied with the standard focus of most publications on the riders and competition. While active, they created some tremendous video journalism and wrote some insightful blog posts. Although they have not been active for a number of years now, much of the material is still available on the sight. You can also find some of their videos on YouTube. (Sadly, some of my favorites, like a series with Angelo Telatin, did not seem to survive either on the site or YouTube).

Hart’s Horsemanship – I first encountered Ben Hart in a series of videos on Epona.tv.  I really like his behavioral approach to horses, much more natural than anything the “Natural” Horseman do. His work is really about improving the horse-human relationship. He offers shaping plans for specific issues (e.g., haltering) as well as webinars, clinics, etc.

International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) – a consortium of scientists from across the globe trying to shed light on horse behavior and how it is affected by different training methods. They have an annual conference and some of the research is posted on their site.

Know Your Horse in 9 Ways – content on this site appears to be taken from a book, though I did not find any actual citation of the book in question (perhaps the title is the same as what I have written?). Still, this site that was shared by a friend on Facebook is extremely informative for the anatomy and biomechanic wonks out there.

Sustainable Dressage – Some years ago, I stumbled upon this site that spoke of the Dressage that I had learned, which bears no resemblance to most of what you see in top competition today. Created by Theresa Sandin, who has done an excellent job explaining classical dressage theories.

Wild Equus – an ethology based site, they particularly follow activity in studying the Pottoka (Basque ponies) on a large preserve where their natural behaviors are observed and documented. They also post many interesting items on behavior – animal and human. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

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